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Mental Health can affect anyone. Don't go through it alone. Reach out to us for support.


Our Activities & Events


Our first Mental Health Support retreat takes place from September this year.
sept 2020

Peoples Stories

Here are some stories and experiences of people who have shared their journey.


This year, we will be hosting free workshops providing support

Thinking of Suicide?

If you are thinking of suicide or in need of urgent support, reach out to our team today! Don’t go through it alone.

Who we are

Mind Allies is on a mission to raise awareness, offering a new kind of mental health support for everyone. By providing coping tips and advice, online resources, music and apps, we can share kindness to those who need it the most.

Latest News

MindStream - New Mental Health Service

MindStream - New Mental Health...

With support from Twilio, we are developing a new platform called MindStream, free for mental health organisations to provide face-to-face…
Mental Health Week 2020 - COVID-19

Mental Health Week 2020 -...

Our planned events for Mental Health Week 2020 have been postponed until the rules regarding lockdown are updated. Rest assured,…

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We are a non-profit volunteer-run organisation.

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