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About Us

We Are Support, We are Mind Allies.

Our History

Mind Allies started with a thought that stemmed from experience.

Experience that there was a lack of help for people suffering from depression, anxiety or considering suicide. A thought that the help that did exist could be more effective, more accessible, and offer more understanding and support. And so, Mind Allies was born.

This was in March 2019, and it was one of our trustees had that original thought. Realising that no one heard his cry for help, it was his drive to help others in crisis that is behind Mind Allies and has brought us together to create a safe, supportive, and effective organisation for anyone who needs us.
Mind Allies Team

Accessible Mental Health Support for Anyone, Anywhere.

Our Governance

We are a not-for-profit organisation, committed to transparency in all
of the support we offer and the means by which we are able to provide that support.