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Our Mission Statement

Our Goals, Our Promises

Mission Statement

Transforming Mental Health Services

The mission of Mind Allies is two-fold: We are currently working towards achieving measurable, immediately impactful goals that will start the process of transforming mental health care. We also have longer-term goals that are integrated into our current work.

Accessible Support for All

Our goal is to provide support for everyone. Whether you’re experiencing mental illness, thinking of suicide, want to support a family member, or provide support for your employess, we belive that mental helth support should be available to all, immediately and at no cost.

Building Systems

Mindworks is a digital mental health support system that is the first of its kind. With features that allow for the reduction in the admin costs often associated with digital mental health intervention, to safeguarding those who reach out to us for support, Mindworks can help transform crisis mental health services.


One of our long-term goals is to build a sanctuary for those experiencing mental health crises or ongoing mental illness. We want to provide a place that is away from the stressors of daily life, where people can speak to licensed therapists, participate in group therapy, and prioritise their mental wellbeing. It will be located in a serene, peaceful environment where participants can connect with nature, take yoga classes, and receive professional and discreet support..


We believe that no one should have to worry about paying for help when they are experiencing mental illness or crisis. We believe that no one should have to wait to get the support they need. Whilst part of this need can be met through organisations like ours, it is important that policymakers and legislators understand that support for mental health should be a priority for all sectors of society.

Our Goals

We are committed to transparency in all of the support and services we offer and the means by which we are able to provide that support. So we now publish semi-annual reports. These reports would state our goals for every six months and provide a real-time roadmap to our goals and accomplishment.

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Have Your Say

We rely on feedback to shape the future of Mind Allies. We want to ensure that we are offering services that people need, that are fully accessible, and that are delivered in time to make a difference. Do you have an idea or do you think we could be doing something better? Let us know!

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