World Mental Health
Day 2019

Since 1992, the World Federation for Mental Health has recognised World Mental Health Day on 10 October, as an opportunity “to raise global awareness of mental health issues and to stimulate advocacy”. For 2019 the theme was
Suicide Prevention

Thursday October 10th dawned clear and bright, and for our first big WMHD event, we were all buzzing. By taking a new, innovative approach to raising awareness, we planned to spread the love, and to show people in a positive, proactive way, that no one is alone, and that we really do care.


By handing out more than 800 glorious roses, each colour representing a different aspect – green for mental health awareness, yellow for suicide prevention and white for love and peace, we brightened people’s day, which was our aim. Each rose had a handwritten message – a little thought for the day, and with every beneficiary encouraged to share the love by giving their rose to someone close, or passing it on to a complete stranger, gradually the social media posts began appearing. Everyone was sharing, a simple rose photo, with loved ones tagged, passing on a thought, or telling their story. People were talking – it was everything we wanted and so much more.   

Mind Allies Awareness

Our video that so many people had come together to create, was being shared around the world. Featuring Instagram celebrity, Isabella Johnson, and a host of NHS doctors, nurses and more, who came together to share their coping strategies, and encourage us all to talk, to find help and support by just speaking up. It was garnering comments and again, people were coming together to share their stories.

Mind Allies Mental Health Day

For us it was a great success, bringing people together, encouraging them to feel safe and supported enough to speak up, find a voice and know that they weren’t alone. This energy continues, with our social media presence growing and our video being watched, and shared, countless times.

For such a simple act of kindness, such a small thing, the passing on of a rose, it meant so much, making a real difference to people’s day. This is something we can all do in our everyday lives, just showing we care. We don’t need grand gestures to say that, a single beautiful bloom says so much. If someone close is suffering from poor mental health, or worse, considering suicide, this small act could make all the difference.

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