Our Goals

Our Missions

The mission of Mind Allies is two-fold: We are currently working toward achieving measurable, immediately impactful goals that will start the process of transforming mental health care. We also have longer-term goals that are being informed by our current work.  

Right now, we are working to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness through awareness raising and campaigning. We are using digital technology to revolutionise the mental health industry, and helping other mental health support organisations that it is possible to save money on administrative costs so that more can be spent on front line support for those most at risk. We are leading by example, prioritising the mental wellbeing of our volunteers, and ensuring that their experience informs the governance of Mind Allies.

As we grow in our capacity to support those experiencing mental illness and mental health crisis, we want to be able to provide a Sanctuary, where those referred by our services can receive mental health support in a peaceful environment. Here, they will receive professional therapy, group therapy, yoga classes, and healthy food. Removed from often toxic environments, those in the sanctuary will be able to prioritise their mental health, connect with nature, and get all the support they need including vital continuing care after they leave the Sanctuary.