Last week we attended a conference with the National Suicide Prevention Alliance and its members. We discussed the struggle that mental health organisations are currently facing due to their staff being furloughed or off unwell and now in lockdown. The lack of support within the bereavement sector was also discussed. Many have lost loved ones but are unable to grieve as they usually would due to restrictions on attending funerals. This is then followed up by a lack of access to emotional support during this lockdown period. People’s needs are struggling to be met due to the changing services and styles of support being offered by mental health services at this time, now that face-to-face services cannot take place and phone calls are instead taking over.

Mind stream allows Mental Health Organisations to provide the necessary face to face support for free during the COVID-19 outbreak.

With support from Twilio, we are developing a new platform called MindStream, free for mental health organisations during this pandemic to provide face-to-face services and support.