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Support Champions are the front-facing volunteers for Mind Allies, providing emotional support to those in crisis by listening and referring to the many services available through the Mindworks System. You will be given training in Mental Health First Aid and training in self-care, so that while you’re supporting others, you’re also able to take care of yourself. You will be supervised by a Champion Supervisor, who will have the tools to encourage you in your journey with Mind Allies.

Required Experience

  • No pre-existing training or experience required

Training Provided

  • Mental Health First Aid/Support Champion training
  • Internal Systems & Communications Training
  • Well-Being and Self-care training

Mind Allies values the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of its volunteers, so we have invested in ensuring that our volunteers don’t over-work. We believe that people can only support others when they prioritise their own mental health.

We ask for a minimum 5 hours per week commitment from our Support Champions. We will establish a maximum number of hours per week on a case-by-case basis when you begin volunteering with us. If you would like to volunteer more hours than the established maximum, you are welcome to request more time from your Champion Supervisor who will work with you to ensure that you maintain your own work-life balance. If the demand for support champions increases, we may ask you to increase your commitment. In either case, increases will only be allowed only after carefully evaluating your needs, capacity, and wellbeing.

Taking time off is vital for overall wellbeing. If you need to take some time away for holiday, we ask that you notify us in advance so that we can secure the Mindworks system, enabling you to truly focus on yourself in your time away, and so that we can redirect your normal workload.


Mind Allies is a growing, thriving organisation, whose foundation is volunteers. We want to ensure your time with Mind Allies is one of personal and professional growth, so our volunteers receive opportunities to grow specific skills, take on projects, and even engage in paid work where available. 


Background Check/Requirements

A DBS check is required for Support Champions. If you don’t already have a DBS, we can conduct one. Please note that a criminal conviction doesn’t exclude you from volunteering. We give opportunities to everyone. While the process for volunteering is different for those with criminal convictions, we will find a way for you to help us in supporting those suffering from mental ill health. 


  • Discounts at high street Stores
  • Self-care packages
  • Access to Counselling and Mental Health Support
  • Access to Retreats 


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