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    Mind Allies is on a mission to creating a new awareness and support for everyone. Doing more than just listening, we are going to be there for them, helping them get through their pains, providing coping tips and coping advice, using resources and music to be helping those that need it the most — going the extra mile to try to save a life. For us the digital support is merely the beginning; we are going to be working on creating a free sanctuary for people who need it the most, providing care and support to those who attempt suicide.

    It is sad that even at this day and age, we have placed a figure on human life, the cost of treatments and care are increasing rapidly; But there are millions of people suffering on minimum wage, poverty or have no support. It is sad to hear in majority parts of the world when one attempts suicide, and they get hit with a bill of care which goes into thousands. There are places which won’t start treatment until a deposit paid… While receiving the medical treatment they need, they are also receiving notice of a growing bill. There is merely any financial support for those people. Mental health requires a lot of emotional support, and it requires one to feel and understand what the other is going through. It’s about showing care, love, and guidance. It’s about showing the person a new way of living life. It is sad to see that even today to survive it costs a lot.

    We know we can’t put an end to this growing concern; however, we can try to support as many as we can.

Role Description

It is said, one in four are affected by negative mental health. Almost 800,000 People die from suicide every day. Millions are suffering alone. 

A support champion’s duty follows:

• To provide care and support to anyone who contacts us via our messaging platform.
• To contribute to adding Tips and coping advice to our system to allow our champions to share, suggest and advice on to anyone using our platform.
• Contribute to suggestions, advice and on makings support operations

What we are looking for?

  • To undergo training which usually is eight sessions, including networking with other volunteers and attending a work/life balance session.
  • to be based in the UK
  • to have the rights to work in the UK
  • must be aged 18+
  • Must have access to the internet and own a private computer/laptop
  • and finally, you need to have a passion for helping others


Volunteers would receive our standard incentives such as access free Premium Calm Discount, High Street Perks and discounts with private healthcare and many more.


Volunteers require no experience. However we do ask from our volunteers is to have the passion to help!


This vacancy will close on Tue 31 Dec 2030 at 12:00 am GMT Time


United Kingdom
Work From Home

Got what it takes?

To apply, drop us an email at [email protected]

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