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There has always been a stigma surrounding mental health, driven by negative associations, experiences and language, and that stigma still exists today, even with our ongoing advancements in psychology and medicine.

People will talk quite openly about physical illnesses, but when it comes to problems with our minds, there’s whispering in doorways and sly, slightly amused glances. We use phrases everyday – ‘mad’, ‘nutter’, ‘loony’, and more, to describe someone, and yet we’d never utter ‘cancer patient’, or ‘angina sufferer’ in the same derogatory way. It’s almost ingrained in us to ridicule and judge those experiencing mental health difficulties.

Here at Mind Allies, we are working hard to change attitudes and eradicate the stigma surrounding poor mental health. We provide effective therapies and support which are openly available for everyone, eliminate the long, and frequently detrimental, waiting times for conventional treatment, and offer an understanding, ‘we’ve been there’ approach

Making full use of digital technology, we offer help for as long as it’s needed across the globe - easily accessible support whenever and wherever it’s required.

We do this via our online interactive services that not only provides coping strategies, advice and guidance aimed at helping sufferers move forward, but also access to moderated chat rooms and forums, allowing those with mental health difficulties to make connections and reach out to others. This is crucial in our increasingly isolated world, that, in many ways, ironically, is caused by our reliance on social media.

Unlike social media sites, however, private, but sensitively moderated, chat rooms allow sufferers to open up without fear of ridicule or judgement, forming friendships and gaining support and encouragement from each other’s journeys, whilst lessening the pain and isolation of mental health problems.

Mind Allies also offers an omnichannel support service. This allows sufferers to contact us via our live chat service, text, Whatsapp, Imessage or any other social media/messaging service, including emails, and an experienced, highly trained agent will respond, offering friendly supportive, non judgemental help and guidance.

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