Mindworks is a digital mental health support system that is the first of its kind. With features that allow for reduction in the admin costs often associated with digital mental health intervention, to safeguarding those who reach out to us for support, Mindworks can help transform crisis mental health services.

From personal experience, we know that the currently available mental health apps and digital services don’t meet the needs of those who need immediate support. Whether it is constantly having to verbally repeat trauma, or lack of clarity on the use of personal data, many of the services just aren’t fit for purpose. So, we set out to create a system that reduces administrative costs by streamlining and digitising where possible, and puts the individual at the centre of the experience by keeping secure, accurate records. Being able to communicate with people in the way that they are most comfortable is our priority, which is why our support can be accessed by text, email, phone call, WhatsApp, iMessage, and more. By building a strong profile for the client, our volunteers will be alerted when someone is facing a triggering event and can provide immediate support.

In 2021, we want to make this software available to other mental health support providers for little or no cost, so that as many people as possible can benefit from it.