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Personal Experience Network

Coming together as a community

Brett Cobley

Vegan Chef Cookbook Author

Everyone is going through their own battles every single day and it is so important to show love and kindness to others because you don’t know what their burden is. A simple smile can be the gift someone needs to lift them and being a friendly face is huge. These are some of the few messages shared by Brett Cobley in light of Mental Health Week.

Erica Jarret

COVID-19, Anxiety, Depression, CBT-Therapy

Find out more about Erica’s personal mental health story. She is sharing her experience with Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and many other coping tips that helped her mental health journey.

Liam Rhodes

Suicidal Ideation, Depression

It truly is one of the worst experience you could live with… Suicidal Ideation. Here is Liam explaining suicidal ideation and sharing his coping tips and mechanisms that helped him. Join the fight against the enemy. Speak up and don’t for one second think you are alone!