It's Mental Health Awareness Week!

Week of 10th May - 16th May.


About our Campaign

Running from 10 - 16 May 2021, Mental Health Awareness Week focuses on achieving and maintaining positive mental health. Although an annual event, this last year has seen an increased number of people struggle with their mental health. Traditionally, it’s a time for donations to be sought, alongside raising awareness of these issues. However, Mind Allies feel that a different approach can bring a fresh new look at mental health.

Since 2019, we have been running our Roses Campaign. From various points, our volunteers have handed out beautifully scented fresh roses to people, each with a motivational message on an attached label. These roses brighten people’s days, bringing a smile, a warm glow, and they can pass the love on to someone else if they wish by handing the rose on.

Our Locations & Dates for the event

This year, roses will be distributed a 3 major stations within Central London.

Monday 10th May:
Waterloo Station
Timing: 7:30am - 10am
Wednesday 12th May:
Victoria London Station
Timing: 7:30am - 10am
Friday 14th May:
Kings Cross London Station
Timing: 7:30am - 10am

Don't forget to come say hello!

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