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A Space to breath

We know that sometimes, you may need a change of scenery and a safe place to talk to someone about how you’re feeling.

Our free retreats offer a space to catch your breath if you are struggling with poor mental health or experiencing suicidal thoughts. You can talk to our compassionate therapists one-to-one, join in with group therapy sessions, try out yoga or mindfulness, and connect with the natural world.

Our retreats are fully accessible and will help inform the building of our Sanctuary, a permanent home for the work of Mind Allies, where people can find support for their mental wellbeing and retreat from the stress that makes recovery difficult.

Our Retreats

How our retreats help

A Safe Space

Providing calmness from the stresses of everyday life, our retreats provide a safe space for you to catch your breath. With no demands placed on you, no expectations, and no feelings of being overwhelmed, you can relax.


Our free retreats offer you complete support, whether you want a safe space to breathe in peace, connect with others, or learn effective coping strategies. Whatever you need, we can help.


With professional, sympathetic counsellors on hand, you can access one-to-one therapy, or join in with guided groups. If you feel another form of therapy could help you, we can work together to make a positive difference.


We can accommodate groups of 15 at our retreats. This ensures that there’s plenty of space if people want ‘alone time’ and provides a sense of community for those who want to connect.

Natural World

Being around nature can promote beneficial changes to our mental health, according to research. Hearing birdsong, breathing fresh oxygen produced by trees, or watching the stars in a dark night sky – our retreats allow the natural world to help the healing process.

Accessible for all

Our retreats are free to anyone, and we can even help if you need to take time away from work.

Are the Retreats Free?

Yes, the retreat is a free service and is only accessible once per person.

How long are the retreats
Where are the retreats located
How frequently does the retreats take place.

At the moment, they take place every 2 months.

What are the minimum age requirements
If I have been before, can i go again?

How to get referred

To get access to retreats, you must either be referred via our support service or via one of our partners. Please note that there is an eligibility requirement for participants. We may, at times, host paid retreats to the public, please check our event page for more information.