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Mind Allies is a non-profit, voluntary organisation. With volunteers working part or full-time, we are out to helping others. We are built upon a foundation which values human life.

  • Culture

    Mind Allies has a sociable culture. This is necessary to ensure we can do everything we can for people who come to us for support and to maintain and create a healthy working atmosphere for our staffs and volunteers. Our team may come across difficult, heartbreaking or traumatising stories or experience and as an organisation, it is our duty to ensure that at the end of the day it has no negative impact on our volunteers and staffs. Building a social environment enables our teams to communicate, to open up, to understand and support each other as they provide the care and support to the public.

  • Benefits

    At Mind Allies, we believe in rewarding those that are giving back and supporting our community and people. Our volunteers are not strangers, they are a family. Our family will benefit from staff perks which will grow as their time with Mind Allies does. These benefits can range from Perkbox, Bupa Health Care, private therapy, Calm app subscription, access to yoga and meditation and much more. For us, it is crucial that our family is safe, supported and is being cared for. Working with us, you will be required to attend group sessions, social gatherings and events and to be able to help others, we need to ensure you are not overdoing yourself and have a right work/life balance. You are important as well as those we are trying to help.


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We're always looking for members to join the board of trustees, committee and advisory board.

Got what it? Whether you have governing experience or negative mental health experiance or have none, we believe in a diverse board.

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