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Volunteering Opportunities

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We are continually opening new opportunities within Mind Allies. Volunteers are the foundation and the core of Mind Allies from Management to the Frontlines. Together we make a difference. Whether you are someone who has experienced mental health first hand or someone with no experience, together we stand the fight against the stigma and ensure effective and immediate support becomes available.

Social Champion

Social Champions are the ambassadors for Mind Allies; they are individuals who engage on social media on behalf of Mind Allies, helping to create a safe an...

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Support Champion

Support Champions are the front-facing volunteers for Mind Allies, providing emotional support to those in crisis by listening and referring......

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Champion Supervisor

Champions supervisors are frontline volunteers. They provide support to the public and crucially, their volunteers. As the name suggests, this......

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Suicide Prevention Officer

The suicide prevention officer will work with the suicide prevention coordinator to support the development and implementation of programs that......

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Committeee Board Member

The Committee is one of 2 Boards that govern Mind Allies, and it is made up of volunteers who have worked or are working in various volunteer roles. They m...

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Public Welfare Officer

The Public Welfare officers duty is to ensure the support we provide to the public is in the best interest of the individuals. The Public Welfare officer w...

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Staff Welfare Officer

The Staff Welfare officers duty is to ensure that the staff’s mental wellbeing and safety are always considered and protected as a priority and to ensure...

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Trustee Board Member

The Board of Trustees is one of 2 Boards that govern Mind Allies, and it is made up of members (Trustee) who are passionate about mental health or have exp...

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