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Mind Allies has a sociable culture. This is necessary to ensure we can do everything we can for people who come to us for support and to maintain and create a healthy working atmosphere for our staffs and volunteers. Our team may come across difficult, heartbreaking or traumatising stories or experience and as an organisation, it is our duty to ensure that at the end of the day it has no negative impact on our volunteers and staffs. Building a social environment enables our teams to communicate, to open up, to understand and support each other as they provide the care and support to the public.

Flexible Hours

We have developed a service which allows our volunteers to be flexible. Protecting their mental health and allowing them to feel the rewards in the work they do.

You Are Not Alone!

Sometimes, it can be challenging to know what to do in a difficult situation. So we have developed a network which allows our volunteers to build connections, gain support and advice and at the same time, not go through it alone.

Support Services

As a volunteer, you will have access to Mind Allies Databank with guidance, information, coping tips, coping advice, resources and all the tools you need to provide support.


Volunteers can also receive access to the blue-light discount. Giving you discounts at highstreet supermarkets and retails. More Incentives will also become available to volunteers the longer they are with Mind Allies.



Volunteering with Mind Allies gives you the opportunity to work on the front lines of Mental Health Support, having a direct positive impact on the lives of those suffering mental ill health. We are committed to investing in our volunteers, giving the opportunity to learn new skills, expand their CVs and gain experience in a wide range of aspects of mental healthcare.‚Äč

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